Fox News being “nice”

Fox News – the one good news source we have, according to Trump, because they treat him “nice.” Fox News is not such a good news source as Trump claims it is. Canada had to tell it to stop lying about the Quebec murderer.

The office of the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau has forced Fox News to apologise and retract a “false and misleading” tweet that inaccurately described the suspect in the Québec City mosque shooting as a man of Moroccan origin.

Kate Purchase, the director of communications for the prime minister’s office, sent a letter to Fox News objecting to misinformation it had put out after the attack on the Québec City Islamic cultural center.

Oh well, all they did was say the wrong guy did it. No biggy.

Shortly after the attack police arrested two men. Police did not release their names, but local media cited police sources to identify them as a French Canadian and a Moroccan-born Quebecer. By midday on Monday, police had clarified that only one was a suspect, and they had released the other – who was now being treated as a witness – without charge.

Fox News later sent out a tweet on Monday afternoon – shortly after the police clarification – suggesting there was just one suspect in the attack who was of Moroccan origin.

The Fox News tweet made no mention of the other man arrested, French-Canadian Alexandre Bissonnette, who now faces six charges of first-degree murder and five of attempted murder. Those who know Bissonnette have described him as pro-Donald Trump, anti-immigration and sympathetic to the far right.

No wonder Fox News forgot to update its tweet.

Hours after it was made clear that Bissonnette was the only suspect in the case, the “false and misleading” tweet was still on the Fox News Twitter account and remained in circulation, said Purchase.

While the Fox News story linked to the tweet had been corrected, the erroneous tweet had been retweeted more than 900 times and had racked up 1,600 likes.

In a letter to a top official at the network, Purchase asked Fox News to retract or update the tweet to reflect the suspect’s identity as a 27-year-old French-Canadian.

“These tweets by Fox News dishonour the memory of the six victims and their families by spreading misinformation, playing identity politics and perpetuating fear and division within our communities,” she wrote.

Identity politics??!!! It’s only the left that plays identity politics!! Everybody knows that – just ask Breitbart.

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