Get out, ladies

Harvard is still Harvard.

Harvard University’s exclusive and historic Fox Club — whose members have included Bill Gates and T.S. Eliot — has reverted to male-only after revoking membership for its nine “provisional” female members, according to The Harvard Crimson, the university’s daily newspaper.

The traditionally all-male social club had given the nine women “provisional” status in the face of looming sanctions by Harvard on single-gender groups, The Crimson reported on Monday. But screenshots obtained by the newspaper of messages allegedly among recent graduates indicate that the club’s graduate board revoked membership for all of its provisional members and invited only the men to reapply for full membership.

Well you know how it is. Harvard is Harvard. It’s the top – it’s Napoleon brandy. How can it go on being the top if it has to let women into its supercool Sekrit clubs? Women are second rate, so they would drag the clubs down, and that would drag Harvard down, and it would no longer be top. Some Politically Correct university in Correctoville, Idaho would be top. We can’t have that.

Fox Club first became co-ed in October 2015, when its undergraduate members admitted a group of junior and senior female students. But the Rev. Douglas W. Sears, who served as graduate board president when the women joined the club, told NBC News that the decision drew protests from some of the graduate board leaders.

The club’s graduate leadership ended up letting the young women remain, but only as “provisional” members. Some male members became provisional members, as well, “in solidarity with the women,” he said.

“A minority of the graduates inclusive of the graduate board are not in favor of women joining the club, so in this case. We have an example of a republic prevailing over a democracy,” he said.

“The young women who came in the club were just such wonderful people in this instance and tremendously accomplished,” he said, adding that he felt the club was on the wrong side of history.

Maybe, but which is more important, being on the right side of history, or being top?

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