God loves rich people

Tom Gjelten at NPR notes that Trump’s choice of god-botherers for his inauguration shows what his values are.

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, who leads Great Faith Ministries in Detroit, played a key role during the presidential campaign by inviting candidate Trump to visit his church. For Trump, it was a rare appearance before a black congregation.

Jackson is rich.

Jackson lives in a multimillion-dollar mansion in Detroit and drives luxury cars. He preaches that being rich is not bad and that Trump’s wealth shows he is “blessed by God.”

Such teachings exemplify the “prosperity gospel,” which holds that God rewards faithful Christians with financial success. It is a faith tradition with which Trump long has been associated. His “spiritual adviser” is Paula White, who as the leader of New Destiny Christian Center near Orlando, Fla., is perhaps the best known prosperity preacher in the country.

“Every day you’re [living] your destiny, designed by God and discovered by you,” White said in a recent sermon. “You’re either in a position of abundance, you’re in a position of prosperity, or you’re in a position of poverty. Now that’s in every area of your life. … You’re living abundant in your affairs of life — and that includes your financial conditions — or you’re living in poverty.”

Ah. So rich people are good people, and rewarded by Mr God, and poor people are bad and punished. That’s a convenient doctrine. No wonder Trump and his friends want to repeal the Affordable Care Act – if you can’t afford health insurance it’s because you’re a bad person and Mr God is punishing you. The money squandered on subsidizing health insurance for poor people should obviously all go to rich people, to reward them more.

The least surprising prayer leader choice is Cardinal Dolan. Most U.S. presidents in recent years have asked a prominent Catholic bishop or theologian to pray at their inaugurations, and as fellow New Yorkers, Dolan and Trump have known each other for a long time.

No doubt. The fact remains, however, that Dolan is a very bad man. He’s the guy who moved those funds when he was archbishop of Milwaukee so that they wouldn’t be available to pay victims of priestly abuse who won law suits.

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