Guess what? You have them.

Trump was unaware that North Dakota is subject to drought. Now that he knows, though, he moved to console the people of North Dakota by telling them they’re better off than the people of coastal Texas.

Prior to leaving the White House, I had a great bipartisan meeting with Democrat and Republican leaders in Congress, and I’m committed to working with both parties to deliver for our wonderful, wonderful citizens. It’s about time. We had a great meeting with Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and the whole Republican leadership group. And I’ll tell you what, we walked out of there — Mitch and Paul, and everybody, Kevin — and we walked out and everybody was happy. Not too happy — because you can never be too happy — but they were happy enough. And it was nice to see that happen for a change because that hasn’t happened for a long time in this country — for a very long time.

I want to take a moment to send our thoughts and prayers to the people of Texas and Louisiana who have truly suffered through a catastrophic hurricane. (Applause.) One of the worst hurricanes in our country’s history. And guess what? We have another one coming. You see that.

But our hearts are heavy with sadness for those who have lost everything. They have also filled us with hope because you watched and you witnessed the unyielding strength and resilience of the American spirit. You looked at that in Texas. You looked at Louisiana. You saw the spirit; you saw the spirit of so many other people coming from all over. It was a great thing. I was there twice, and I will tell you the people were absolutely incredible. What they’ve gone through — you would not believe this could have happened.

And I know you have a little bit of a drought. They had the opposite. Believe me, you’re better off. You are better off. They had the absolute opposite.

It’s the same with all these forest fires in Oregon and British Columbia. Fires are way better than floods. Believe me, they’re better.

I also want to tell the people of North Dakota and the Western states who are feeling the pain of the devastating drought that we are with you 100 percent — 100 percent. (Applause.) And I’ve been in close touch, numerous times, with our Secretary of Agriculture, who is doing a fantastic job, Sonny Perdue, who has been working with your governor and your delegation to help provide relief. And we’re doing everything we can, but you have a pretty serious drought.

I just said to the governor, I didn’t know you had droughts this far north. Guess what? You have them. But we’re working hard on it and it’ll disappear. It will all go away.

That’s right. They’re working hard on it so poof, it will disappear. That’s what “working hard on it” means.

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