Daddy, can I go with you?


Donald Trump has revealed that his daughter Ivanka asked to join him on his North Dakota trip, telling crowds she said: “Daddy, can I go with you?”

Beckoning her up to the stage, he said: “Come up, honey”. Then he shared an anecdote about how Ms Trump asked her father if she could join him.

“She said, ‘Dad, can I come with you. Actually she said ‘Daddy, can I go with you?’ I like that,” he said. “I said, ‘Yes, you can.'”

Aww. Cute story. Is she five? Six?

Oh that’s right, she’s 35. She has children of her own. She’s a grown-ass adult.

Also, presidents don’t in fact make it a habit to bring their small children with them on working trips and then call them up onto the stage. On the contrary: they do their best to shield their small children from the glare of publicity. Their grown children, on the other hand, are treated like grown children: they have their own lives and their own work.

Also, can you imagine all this happening with Don 2 or Eric? Of course not. It’s infantilizing, and we don’t infantilize men; we reserve that for women.

Also, this is the guy who agreed with Howard Stern on live radio that his daughter is a piece of ass. He both infantilizes her and sexualizes her. It just doesn’t get much more awesome than that.

And how revolting is it that she plays along?

He added: “Look at Ivanka, come on up honey, she’s so good. She wanted to make the trip.”

Mr Trump heaped praise on the 35-year-old who often accompanies him unannounced to important political meetings.

“Everybody loves Ivanka,” he told cheering crowds. “Come up, honey. Should I bring Ivanka up? Come up.”

Ms Trump smiled widely at her father’s words and later shook his hand as she arrived on stage.

No, everybody does not love Ivanka. Many do not love Ivanka.

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