You know what a 10 is?

CNN has been looking through Trump’s many appearances on the radio show of “shock jock” (i.e. flaming asshole) Howard Stern.

In more than one interview with Stern, Trump took part in conversations about Ivanka Trump’s appearance, including one about the size of her breasts.

In an October 2006 interview, Stern remarks that Ivanka “looks more voluptuous than ever,” and asked if she had gotten breast implants. Trump is willing to engage in the discussion about his own daughter, telling Stern that she did not get implants.

“She’s actually always been very voluptuous,” Trump responds. “She’s tall, she’s almost 6 feet tall and she’s been, she’s an amazing beauty.”

She’s a fine fine hamburger.

In another interview, from September 2004, Stern asks Trump if he can call Ivanka “a piece of ass,” to which Trump responds in the affirmative.

“My daughter is beautiful, Ivanka,” says Trump.

“By the way, your daughter,” says Stern.

“She’s beautiful,” responds Trump.

“Can I say this? A piece of ass,” Stern responds.

“Yeah,” says Trump.

Fine hamburger.

In his interviews with Stern, Trump discussed leaving women after a certain age and dating younger women.

In a 2002 appearance, Trump calls 30 “a perfect age.”

“Until she’s 35,” a co-host interjects.

“What is it at 35? It’s called check-out time,” Trump responds.

Hamburger overcooked.

They graded women. (I wonder if they ever graded themselves. Hahaha no I don’t; of course they didn’t. The eater grades the hamburger, the hamburger doesn’t grade the eater.)

“She’s hot, she’s hot though right?,” Stern asked Trump of [Elin] Nordegren, after Trump said he’s talked to [Tiger] Woods since his sex scandal broke in the news.

‘Yeah, she’s fine,” said Trump.

“You don’t think she’s that hot?,” Stern asked.

“It depends by what standard,” Trump replied. “What standard are you judging?”

“I have a very high standard,” added Trump. “Howard knows, because he got me in a lot of trouble once, he went over a list of 15 supermodels. You remember the list of supermodels. And he’d ask me, ‘how was she?’ How was she?’ And I was married at the time, you know this was not a good question to be asking.”

“I think she’s good,” Trump added of Nordegren’s attractiveness.

“No, I’d say she’s a solid nine, solid nine yeah,” Trump said, when asked how he’d rate her.

When Stern suggested to him he should do a show where he just rates women, Trump said, “That may be the best idea of all I would say I’m the all-time judge, don’t forget, I own the Miss Universe pageant.”

“Mr. Trump I’m asking you directly, is her ass too big?” Stern asked.

“No,” Trump replied.

“Body perfect?” Stern asked.

“Very nice,” responded Trump.

“She’s very nice, is she a 10, you know what a 10 is?” Trump asked.

It’s whatever you say it is, Mr Trump. You’re the judge. Women are just so much meat.