“Listen, this is horrible stuff”

Apparently Trump can’t figure out for himself that gassing civilians is not ok. Apparently he needs a baby-mama to tell him – and she has to be his daughter.

President Donald Trump’s decision to launch a missile strike against Syria following a deadly chemical attack in the northwestern part of the country was influenced by his “heartbroken and outraged” daughter Ivanka, according to one of her brothers.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Eric Trump said Ivanka likely swayed their father. “Ivanka is the mother of three kids and she has influence,” he said. “I’m sure she said, ‘Listen, this is horrible stuff.’ My father will act in times like that.”

Really. He’s that dumb? He’s so dumb that he needs to be told?

But I suspected as much, given that ridiculous press event when he said “babies…babies…little babies” – on the third iteration making an absurd “baby here” gesture with both hands. Clearly his little brain was all flooded with Baby thoughts, and not much else.

Image result for trump syria press conference

Do you get it now? Babies? The kind that can fit between those two little hands? Babies, I tell you!

Maybe we can get Ivanka to have a word with Oscar Munoz.

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