Guest post: Chronically dyspeptic and paranoid bullies

Originally a comment by Pliny the in Between on You had to be an ass-kissing corporate hack.

With the passage of the tax bill, the GOP gets to complete what was started when the draft was repealed – completely shift the burden and cost of defending the freedoms exploited by our elites to the backs of the poor. Of course this example of ‘governance’ also targets urban areas and blue states with their higher state and locals taxes and large numbers of college graduates. To do this in the dark, without debate, on the eve of the Russian connection coming home to roost is even more galling. A half century of progressive programs shot to hell in the legislative equivalent of an alley mugging – great legacy GOP. I used to think you were just tools. Now I am convinced you’re just evil.

Hard to know where we go from here. We have a president who was probably drawn to Putin in the first place for the simple reason that Trump’s an oligarch wannabe. We have a large voting block (30%+) that sadly is not so much ill-informed as they are simply extreme caricatures of the worst in Americans -short sighted, libertarian, self-centered, anti-intellectual, chronically dyspeptic and paranoid bullies. And a congress full of true representatives of the people – short sighted, self-centered and devoid of almost any of the guts needed to be true patriots – those who put the needs of society ahead of themselves.

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