Guest post: Then and now

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Many Republicans were furious with President Donald Trump’s budget deal Wednesday

On just his first day in office, President Trump blatantly lied to the American people about the size of his inaugural crowd.

Republican leaders shrugged off criticism of the President, saying that nobody really expects Trump to literally mean what he says.

President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, and admitted in a subsequent interview that the reasons given in the termination letter were pretextual, and the real reason was Trump’s frustration with the investigation into his campaign’s ties to Russian intelligence.

Republican leaders described themselves as “concerned.”

After neo-Nazi violence claimed the life of a peaceful protester in Charlottesville, President Trump declined to disavow white nationalism, and insisted that there were good people marching with the neo-Nazis.

Republican leaders expressed disappointment with the president’s language.

Trump used his pardon power to excuse a racist thug sheriff who abused his authority and flaunted court orders.

Republican leaders expressed polite disagreement with the decision.

Trump cut a budget deal with Democrats.

Now, Republicans are “furious.”

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