Harvey Weinstein is a VICTIM

Oh I see. It’s women’s fault. It’s women’s fault that Harvey Weinstein is a sleazy harasser and that everyone in the business knew it and nobody did anything about it.

This one time I’m going to quote from a Breitbart piece, one by Daniel Nussbaum.

Several actresses who worked with Harvey Weinstein on critically-acclaimed films have come under fire from one of their fellow stars for refusing to speak out publicly after a bombshell report Thursday detailed decades of sexual harassment allegations against the Hollywood movie mogul.

Yeah! It’s their fault! Never mind Harvey Weinstein, never mind the way women are shut out of management jobs in Hollywood, never mind the long history of the “casting couch” and the haha jokes about it – talk about the women. Make it their fault! Why didn’t they risk their careers to stop this very powerful producer using his power to bully women?

Poor Harvey Weinstein. If women had just done their job of nurturing and protecting and taking care of everything, he wouldn’t be in this sad predicament. Goddam women!

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