Hastily upgrading

PBS News has a startling little item:

The @POTUS twitter account, one of the White House’s main social media accounts, appears to be controlled by a user with a personal gmail account, the PBS NewsHour has confirmed.

They took a screen shot:

This screenshot, taken at 12:47 p.m. ET on Jan. 26, 2017 shows that the @POTUS account is linked to a Google Gmail account beginning with the letters "ds." Minutes after this screen shot was captured, the account reset process was changed.

Oh well. It’s only the president.

The Next Web first reported on the apparent vulnerability of several accounts associated with the new White House earlier today. The finding was widely shared on Twitter by technology journalists.

In addition to being linked to a personal gmail account, the Twitter account appeared to have the lowest possible level of security, foregoing settings that would require a user to enter additional personal information to reset the password on the account.

As we put together this report, the account appeared to be in the process of upgrading to a higher level of security.

I hear a faint cry somewhere out in the ether…emaaaaaaaaaaails


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