He doesn’t want the noise to disturb his horses

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ExxonMobil CEO Doesn’t Want a Fracking Operation Near His Backyard

That was February 2014, so the Exxon CEO was Rex Tillerson, now pretending to be “Secretary of State.”

one of the opponents of a fracking project in Denton County is Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil—a company that proudly touts fracking as an essential part of American energy development. As WFAA.com reports:

Rex Tillerson  has joined a lawsuit to stop construction of a water tower near his estate on Dove Creek Road. That water would be used in fracking, a process to drill oil and gas.

Tillerson even appeared at a Bartonville Town Council meeting to speak against it last November, saying that he and his wife moved to the area for its rural lifestyle. Tillerson told the Council that he had invested millions of dollars into their property to turn it into a cutting horse facility.

To be clear, Tillerson’s stated reasons for the suit that would prevent the fracking water tower from being built aren’t environmental, but cultural: He doesn’t want the noise, traffic, or heavy trucks to disturb his horses or lower his property values.

No doubt. Similarly, Trump builds sea walls next to his coastal golf courses because he doesn’t want the rise in sea level to flood his golf courses or lower his property values. But everyone else? Oh well fuck them, they’re all losers.

At the very least, the sort of NIMBYism involved in the CEO of a company that practices fracking and touts its benefits suing to prevent it from happening near his own house isn’t a good look. Tillerson may enjoy his rural lifestyle, but so do many of the people who live near the sites where his company practices hydraulic fracturing; he may value the quiet life he lives out in Bartonville, but there are a lot of people whose quiet lives have been disturbed by projects funded by Exxon.

Yes but they’re looooooooooooooooooosers. This is dog eat dog America.

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