Hot dogs not daube de bœuf à la provençale

Trump doesn’t have time to fill vacancies at FEMA and NOAA because he’s so dang busy planning things like a “Pittsburgh not Paris” rally in Lafayette Park. (Wait, Lafayette? Isn’t that some damn frog name? Couldn’t they have found a good Murikan-name park to hold a rally at?)

President Donald Trump’s campaign announced a “Pittsburgh, not Paris” rally across from the White House on Saturday to celebrate the United States’ withdrawal from a global climate agreement.

The Fairfax County Republican Committee and the Republican Party of Virginia are sponsoring the rally in Lafayette Square, which is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. Saturday, according to an announcement from the Trump campaign.

Yeeah! And while we’re at it, Detroit not Dijon, Buffalo not Berlin, Milwaukee not Milan, Akron not Athens. Those stinking Yurrupeeans got nothing to teach us.

“As you know, the President has been under siege from the mainstream media and the Democrats, especially now that he put American jobs first by withdrawing from the Paris Accord. Therefore, we are organizing a group to demonstrate our support for President Trump and his fearless leadership,” the invitation reads.

Liars. Informed word is that the Paris Accord and the efforts to improve energy technology will result in more jobs, not fewer. It’s only if you think that mining coal is good for its own sake that you object to this transition.

Trump didn’t even go to the rally outside his back door. He went – you’ll never guess – golfing.

While Trump is at his golf club, the “Pittsburgh, not Paris” rally has kicked off with “dozens” of Trump supporters who gathered to express their support for Trump’s decision to pull out of the landmark Paris Agreement.

Whole entire dozens.

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