London Bridge


Pedestrians have reportedly been hit by a van on London Bridge in Central London.

An eyewitness told the BBC several people were injured.

Armed police officers and paramedics are now working at the scene, in what Transport for London describes as a “major police incident”.

Vehicle ‘mounted pavement’

BBC reporter Holly Jones, who was on the bridge at the time of the incident, said the van was driven by a man and was “probably travelling at about 50 miles an hour”.

About five people were being treated for injuries after the vehicle mounted the pavement and hit them, she said.

She said the van, which was travelling from the direction of central London, headed towards the south side of the river.

Ms Jones later reported seeing a man being arrested by police. She said he was handcuffed and had his shirt off.

Police boats ‘searching river’

The BBC’s Holly Jones spoke to a French woman who had been injured in the incident.

She told Ms Jones: “I don’t know where those other two people are. So the police are checking the Thames.

“They were right near the edge of the bridge. It looks potentially they could have been thrown over.”

‘Run as fast as you can’ – police advice to public

Police are reported to be treating injured people and carrying them away at the end Thrale Street, near London Bridge.

Members of the public were told by police to “run as fast as they could” westbound.

Nick Archer, who was in the London Bridge area, told Sky News: “We came out (of a bar) on to the road and looked and looked to my left and there is a guy, I thought he was just drinking but he was lying on the floor.

“And then a couple of seconds later, about three police vans flew past. “He looked in a bad way.”

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