“I bet she treats you well”

A weird little incident in the weird life of weird Donnie, that shows how weird he is even – or especially – when he’s trying to be Pleasant.

While President Trump spoke over the phone with Ireland’s new prime minister Leo Varadkar Tuesday, congratulating him on his recent win, he made eye contact with a female reporter in the room.

“We have a lot of your Irish press watching us right now,” President Trump told Varadkar, informing him that the whole conversation was taking place in a room full of journalists with cameras running.

He pointed at Irish reporter Caitríona Perry, U.S. bureau chief for RTÉ News, telling her to come over to his desk.

“We have all of this beautiful Irish press,” Trump said to the prime minister, and asked Perry, “Where are you from?”

Are you thinking Perry is middle-aged and journalistically rumpled? Of course you’re not. She’s what you would guess from the fact that Trump ogled her and called her over and babbled about “this beautiful Irish press” – on the phone to the Taoiseach of Ireland.

Perry approached Trump and introduced herself.

“She has a nice smile on her face so I bet she treats you well,” Trump said.

Yeah, she gives him blow jobs, even though he’s gay. Nicely put, Don.

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