If you were a hotel

I was chatting with latsot on Twitter about worrying or weird or cryptic song lyrics and mentioned Emmylou Harris’s “If You Were a Bluebird” as the most random song lyrics of my acquaintance. So then I decided I needed to revisit them to see, and yes, they’re still that random.

If you were a bluebird you’d be a sad one.
I’d give you a true word
But you’ve already had one.

If you were a bluebird,
You’d be crying
You’d be flying home.

The way Emmylou sings it, it seems to mean something…but then when you think about the words with your brain, you see that there is no something that the words mean. You’ve already had one? You’d be flying home? Wut?

If you were a raindrop,
You’d shine like a rainbow

And if you were a train stop,
The conductor would sing low

Well that’s just rhyme-seeking. What rhymes with raindrop.

If you were a raindrop,
You’d be falling
You’d be calling home

If you were a raindrop you’d be calling home? Come on now. Why would a raindrop be calling home? What would it say if home answered?

If you were a hotel
Honey, you’d be a grand one,
But if you hit a slow spell,
Do you think you could stand one

Well I guess it would depend on the last quarterly report and – wait, how did we get from bluebird to hotel?

Weirdly, it’s a great song – but the lyrics always make me laugh.

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