It’s all so easy

Gwyneth Paltrow is still doing her home-made medical consultation thing. There was a GOOP health expo in LA last weekend.

Jen Gunter has some objections, starting with another tweet by Amy Kaufman perhaps now deleted, that said “try magnesium instead of antibiotics, unless life threatening.” Yeah that doesn’t sound any more right than “don’t eat” or “one ibuprofen blows a huge hole in your gut.”

Magnesium in lieu of antibiotics, you know, unless it’s life-threatening. This tweet concerned a lot of medical people who saw it.

A member of Dr. Meyer’s team has since reached out by way of the comment section to clarify that the person reporting “misheard or misremembered Dr. Myers’ comments.” You can see the comment below. I have amended some of the post below to reflect that assertion, but I have also asked for a transcript.

If it is true that the comment about magnesium is not a correct recounting of Dr. Meyers’ talk that does speak to how clarity is important at these kinds of events. By several accounts the medical information seemed unclear and contradictory. For example, Meyers’ representative states she said “it is wise to do a risk benefit analysis before deciding whether or not to take a course of antibiotics.” How could you possibly translate that message in a meaningful way to an audience in a tent? Might some people think that means you shouldn’t take antibiotics unless you are really sick? Clearly someone thought that was what Meyers meant. Messages about antibiotics need more nuance than those about tomatoes (apparently a lecture on how tomatoes will kill you was followed by a meal with tomatoes). When there is so much fear mongering how could there not be confusion? Detailed medical information can be confusing even at a medical conference where doctors are the only audience.

It is important for everyone to know that taking magnesium for infections unless things are life-threatening is the medical equivalent of saying it’s okay to play in traffic just avoid the really big trucks so I am very clad to hear that Dr. Meyers would not treat infections with magnesium.

But as for autoimmune diseases…

However, I am still curious though how Dr. Amy Meyers learned how to reverse autoimmune diseases with a six-week course and one easy payment of $297!

I hope they throw in a free pair of detox socks.

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