They just called your number at KFC

Was it a shove? Yes, of course it was a shove.

Let’s break it down.

A slow-motion viewing of the video indicates no words spoken by Trump as he approaches the group from behind. No “Excuse me” or “Pardon me.”

Trump reaches out his right arm, grabs Markovic’s right shoulder and pushes him aside. Markovic looks surprised. Trump doesn’t acknowledge his existence as he moves past him. It’s as if Markovic isn’t there.

Or, rather, it’s as if Trump is an arrogant bullying shithead who treats other people as things he gets to shove out of his way.

Markovic abruptly looks back at Trump but gets no eye contact from Trump in return.

Then he pats Trump on the back, or perhaps the arm, displaying a slight grin as Trump, at the front of the group, stands tall and adjusts his suit coat. Trump begins conversing with Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite as Markovic looks on from behind.

Look. That would be rude enough in a crowd of strangers, at a ball game or a protest or a conference – but this wasn’t that. This was a gathering of heads of state. It was a group of people who were there to talk and interact with each other. It was a group of colleagues. That makes Trump’s behavior all the more grotesquely and conspicuously rude. Starting a chat with Dalia Grybauskaite while both stand in front of the shoved aside Marković is kindergarten-level rude.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer later told reporters that spots for the “family photo” for which the leaders were preparing were predetermined, as is usually the case — implying that Trump was not trying to get a better position, The Washington Post reported, but rather that he was heading for the position reserved for him.

Half a second faster than he would have arrived anyway, when they weren’t going to take the picture without him even if it did take him an extra half second to get there. No. I think he was dismayed to find himself lost in a crowd instead of conspicuously out in front, and took out his dismay on this frightful little man who had the gall to be slightly ahead of him. I think that’s the kind of pig he is.

As expected, the Trump shove captured the late-night shows.

“The President Show” on Comedy Central depicted an exaggerated scene, replacing the Montenegro prime minister with the secretary general of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg.

“Excuse me, excuse me, get out of my way,” the show’s Trump says to the secretary general, pushing him aside as they walk into a press briefing. “America first. America first.”

Seth Meyers, host of “Late Night With Seth Meyers,” also riffed on the exchange, saying “Look at this guy. Wow.”

“You’re a world leader at a meeting of dignitaries and you act like they just called your number at KFC,” Meyers said.

“Me, that’s mine, the 12 piece,” Meyers said, mimicking someone pushing and shoving others out of the way.

With two scoops of ice cream.

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