James Comey better hope

Trump has been erupting on Twitter again. He’s still descending. Bottom not yet in sight.

The last item yesterday was this clownish exclamation:

That guy next to him is the enforcer. He has the piss-the-bed tapes strapped to his leg.

Today is all Comey-Russia-press jabber.

“Again,” he says, as if repetition=truth.

This is the head of state, daily attacking the free press.

Grammar got away from him there. Also notice that he thinks he’s exceptionally busy. No, Donnie, that’s not it. It’s a big job.

Not to mention that many of the “things happening” are his own self-made disasters.

Don’t threaten us, Donnie.

Now he’s threatening the guy he just fired for no valid reason.

Big lie. Big big lie.

Quick, send Jared or Eric to collect the family cut.

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