Not even people

Eric Trump thinks people who aren’t Republicans are not human.

On Tuesday evening, Eric Trump, one of the Trump children supposedly managing the family business while their father manages the nation, went on Fox News to complain about the Democratic Party in an astonishingly vitriolic attack.

“To me, they’re not even people,” the Trump scion told Sean Hannity about Democrats. “It’s so, so sad. Morality’s just gone, morals have flown out the window and we deserve so much better than this as a country.”

Morality, is it. Morality. Like the morality of bragging about grabbing women by the pussy? Of refusing to pay workers and contractors? Of flouting federal ethics rules? Of repealing protections for clean water? Of running a fake “university”? Of bullying anyone who dares to dissent? What “morality” is he even talking about?

Striking a self-righteous tone, Trump said of the Democrats, “They try and obstruct a great man; they try and obstruct his family.”

He’s the least great man most of us have ever seen. He’s tiny. He’s miniature. He’s the opposite of great – he’s pusillanimous, which literally means “tiny soul.”

Perhaps the young mogul was reeling from a report, published earlier that day by Forbes, that alleged that the Trump Organization demanded payment from the Eric Trump Foundation for a cancer fundraiser the charity held on Trump-owned golf courses.

Or perhaps it was the widespread disgust, at least on social media, over the Trump sons seemingly attempting to profit from their father’s presidency by opening a new chain of hotels, American Idea, in Republican-leaning states.

Making a corrupt buck isn’t “great” and it isn’t “moral.”

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