Out of place

There were jokes flying around yesterday because Trump did another “Frederick Douglass is” thing yesterday, this time talking about Pavarotti in the present tense. I watched the scrap of video where he said it, but I was more struck by something else, or a group of other things – his awkwardness and stiffness as he read what his people had written for him to say in praise of Italy. It’s embarrassing.

First of all his reading itself is so awkward. People at that level usually have enough skill to deliver such remarks without staring down at the script quite so obviously. Then there’s that awful way he grimaces on certain words so that they come out sideways and he looks as if he’s stifling gas. (For example: “link together” at 7:40.) But most of all there’s his obvious lack of connection to the material he’s reading out. He knows nothing about Italy and doesn’t care.

He pronounces Verdi as “vurdee.”

He’s Donnie from Queens.


He starts talking at 7:10.

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