Physician, heal thyself

Trump has a command for us.

“Get smart” meaning what? What sure-fire action does he think there is that would prevent that? Rounding up all the “radical Islamic terrrorists” and expelling them? What sure-fire intelligence operation is there that can do that? Does he think we should round up and expel all Muslims? (He probably does, yes. He hasn’t quit put it that way yet, but it’s consistent with a lot that he has said, and with his temperament and “values” and love of bullying.) That would be logistically difficult and a violation of a whole raft of laws, national and international, plus it would be a leap into a moral abyss. And it wouldn’t do what he seems to think it would anyway.

It’s also ludicrous as risk management. It’s all the more ludicrous given the fact that the guy in Paris was stopped, by on the ground screening that did what it’s meant to do.

And then, it’s also shitty – given the fact that he hasn’t even publicly mentioned the terrorist attack by (allegedly) a white nationalist in Quebec that actually killed six men and injured more. Of course they were Muslims, so maybe he thinks it’s a start.

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