Down with evil, up with great

Today in Trump on Twitter.

Oh. Ok – I’ll get right on that.

But why the scare quotes? Or are they not scare quotes but actual quotes? But in that case who is the source? Lots of people have used the word “evil,” in lots of contexts – he needs to be more specific. Or maybe they are scare quotes, but then it’s hard to tell what he means. Also – if you’re looking for evil, to be frank, I can’t think of anyone in government in the US as thoroughly and conspicuously evil as he is. If he genuinely wants to keep evil out of our country he should instantly retire from public life. He’s not only evil in himself, he is the cause that evil is in other people – he validates and encourages evil.

Also, of course, it’s just a stupid, witless thing to say.

But he doesn’t mean “a country” – he means himself, acting unilaterally and with no check or oversight. He’s not the country. It’s frightening (and disgusting) that he thinks he is.

That’s the president of the US, calling a federal judge a “so-called judge.” There is no low too low for this evil man.

Presidents should not attack the free press. Presidents should not obsessively attack and lie about one of the country’s best newspapers, especially not on social media. Presidents should not carry on like angry babies.

Uh…calm down, dude.

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