Trump voices outrage that a judge can overrule him

He’s terrifying. He apparently has no idea that judges can overrule him and that that’s just a normal part of how our government works. He thinks it’s lèse majesté. He has no clue how the state he’s head of which actually works.

What’s our country coming to, he asks, when a judge can put limits on what a president does. What our country is coming to when that happens is an example of what is often called “checks and balances,” and it is what is supposed to happen.

I wonder if he even remembers that two weeks ago he swore to uphold the Constitution. I wonder if he even knows what the Constitution is. I wonder if he realizes he can’t just ignore it if it gets in his way.

A judge could have ruled that Executive Order 9066, that authorized the internment of Japanese-American citizens during WW 2, was unconstitutional. Unfortunately no judge did so rule, and war panic allowed a gross violation of the rights of tens of thousands of people.

That’s a reckless and irresponsible lie. People still need visas, and people requesting visas are still vetted. Nobody is “pouring” because nobody was “pouring” in the first place. The president of the US is telling public lies about a federal judge in order to delegitimize his ruling.

Why is Trump such a reckless power-intoxicated maniac?

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