Checks and whatses now?

Jim Wright on Facebook on Trump’s demented idea that judges can’t overrule his decisions:

That moment as President when you discover that part about Checks and Balances most of us learned in 8th Grade.

Leaving aside the part where the President of the United States, the actual goddamned PRESIDENT, is sitting on the shitter at 5 in the morning petulantly complaining to the internet about the New York Times and people being mean to him and the fact that the job is WAY more complicated than he imagined (so tough in fact that he needed a vacation less than two weeks into it), leaving all that aside, there’s this:

“The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!”

“The opinion of…”

That opinion is a legal decision in accordance with the Constitution. That’s how our government is supposed to work.

“…of this so-called judge…”

There’s nothing so-called about it. James Robart is a US District Judge, a conservative appointed by George W. Bush in accordance with the Constitution and approved by the Senate in a vote of 99 to 0. Now either Trump believes in the US Constitution and the US process of government or he doesn’t. It’s just that goddamned simple. Federal Judges ruled against President Obama any number of times (it happens to all presidents), you didn’t see Barack on the shitter at 5AM tweeting “IT’S SO UNFAIR! UNFAIR!” like a fucking child.

But here’s the part which really matters:

“…which essentially takes law enforcement away from our country…”



HOW does this judgement take law enforcement away from our country?

How? Be specific and show your work.

The press should grab onto this line, this one right here “essentially takes law enforcement away from our country,” and hold on like a pitbull.

Yes it should.

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