Sean Hannity needs your help!!

Sean Hannity is the new Victim of Rampant Political Correctness.

Rumors of Fox News host Sean Hannity being fired kept going while advertisers continued pulling out of sponsoring his show after he pushed for a conspiracy theory regarding the death of Democratic National Staffer, Seth Rich, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported Sunday.

The report came after media watchdog, Media Matters For America, published a list of advertisers sponsoring Hannity’s show on Fox. Hannity described the move as a “kill shot” aimed at forcing him out of Fox News.

But Sean, this is America, home of free everything, where advertisers can pull their ads any time they feel like it, because that’s FREEDOM.

Jeez, what a snowflake! What a social justice warrior, what a whiner, what a regressive internet thingummy.

While police say Seth Rich’s death was a result of a failed robbery, Fox News’ now retracted story asserted an FBI forensics examination showed he had leaked work related emails to whistleblowing website WikiLeaks, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Explaining the retraction of the story, Fox News later said: “The article was not initially subject to the high degree of editorial scrutiny we require for all our reporting. Upon appropriate review, the article was found not to meet those standards and has since been removed. We will continue to investigate this story and will provide updates as warranted.”

Hannity, however, continued to question the circumstances of Rich’s death, citing statements from piracy website founder Kim Dotcom who claimed he knew Rich was a WikiLeaks source.

Seth Rich’s family made a written plea to Hannity to stop discussing theories surrounding the unsolved murder.

So he finally did, but the capitalist lackeys had already started backing away. Twitter celebrity Dave Rubin thinks it’s an outrage.

“wrongthink” – as if telling lies about a murder victim on a highly popular mass market tv show were a mere matter of thinking. Paf.

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