Or some combination of identities

Exciting news: the UK has its first ever “gender-fluid” police officer.

A police officer has become Britain’s first gender-fluid officer and is using separate male and female identities while at work.

One some days the officer goes by the name Callum — and on other days goes by the female name of Abi.

The transgender PC has two warrant cards, one in their male name, the other in their female identity.

See what I mean about exciting? I suppose Abi shows up in pink tutus and a mop of curls, while Callum is in camouflage gear and a full beard?

Gender fluid is a gender identity which refers to a gender which varies over time. A gender fluid person may at any time identify as male, female, neutral, or any other non-binary identity, or some combination of identities.

Their gender can also vary at random or vary in response to different circumstances. It comes as part of the Met Police’s diversity initiative encouraging officers to “be themselves” at work.


The thing I don’t get though is…so what? What is anyone supposed to do about it? Why bother to announce it?

Unless…are we assuming women and men are so profoundly different that it’s necessary to adjust our behavior and way of talking according to other people’s gender? Do Abi-Callum’s colleagues need to know their gender at any particular moment in order to interact with them appropriately or correctly or otherwise according-to-gender?

Because if so – what about the rest of us? What, especially, about women? What about women, who have been trying for decades to get the world to stop relating to us as if we were defective and incomplete and not too bright? What about us if we don’t want to be simpered at or whispered to or coaxed along or flirted with or patronized or sidelined?

Or to put it another way, where does gender-fluid end and self-absorbed begin?

Why should anyone care what Abi-Callum thinks their gender status is at any given moment? I don’t suppose cops generally make official announcements of their moods every few seconds, so why does Abi-Callum need to tell us about these shifting flowing fluxing “genders” that actually just sound like moods?

Callum, who had been a male male police officer for 13 years, told the Sun: “The first time I walked into a Met building as Abi, I was hyperventilating so much I almost passed out. “I’ve done it a handful of times since and felt so happy that I got to be me at work.

“Abi is a part of me that exists and I want that part to be recognised and validated. “But I’m still me. I’m still the same person whether I’m presenting as Callum or Abi. It’s the same dice. You’re just looking at a different number.”

Yeah see that’s what I object to, that wanting one’s various “parts” to be recognised and validated. That’s ridiculous. We don’t have to go around recognizing and validating everyone. Between friends, ok, they can validate each other if they want to, but people at large? No. How would we ever get anything else done, just for one thing? Who has time to recognize and validate all the people we come in contact with?

Besides I don’t want to. Nobody should want to. It’s just self-obsession, and self-obsession sucks. We need a new woke progressive thing where we stamp out self-obsession. There’s nothing the lest bit progressive about it, after all, and progressives have other work to do. The hell with people’s “genders” and what name they are today and being validated. It’s a big world, and nobody’s Self is the center of it.

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