Seldom, if ever

Trump wants us to know that he doesn’t squander his valuable time watching tv. Instead he squanders it telling us he doesn’t squander it watching tv.

Cool story, but the Post rudely points out that the timing doesn’t back him up.

President Trump tweeted on Monday morning that he does not watch as much television as a recent New York Times report claimed, adding that he “seldom, if ever,” tunes in to CNN or MSNBC.

The tweet posted just 28 minutes after MSNBC wrapped up a segment about the Times report and 30 minutes after CNN did the same.

I guess he thought the 28 minutes would be enough to throw us off the scent.

The timing could be a coincidence. Or it could mean that Trump was doing the very thing he denied — watching CNN and MSNBC — shortly before he tweeted.

Short time?! It was 28 minutes! Long long time, no possible connection between the two.

One of the Times journalists who reported the story, Peter Baker, appeared on “Morning Joe” on Monday to discuss the president’s TV habit.

“He likes this jolt of television he doesn’t agree with,” Baker said of Trump…

Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio appeared on CNN around the same time that Baker was on MSNBC and said that “people who have been around the president for any real period of time know that he is a television addict. He’s probably watching us right now.”

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