Sneers from Florida

No Baby Jesus’s Pretend Birthday truce for Mean Donnie: he’s bullying the deputy director of the FBI now.

The F.B.I.’s embattled deputy director, Andrew G. McCabe, an unlikely lightning rod who has been attacked repeatedly by President Trump and congressional Republicans, is expected to retire after he becomes eligible for his pension early next year, according to people familiar with his decision.

While Mr. McCabe’s plans to leave aren’t unexpected, his decision should take some of the pressure off Christopher A. Wray, who was confirmed as F.B.I. director in August. Mr. Trump has complained to confidantes that Mr. Wray has not moved fast enough to replace the senior leadership that he inherited from his predecessor, James B. Comey, whom Mr. Trump summarily dismissed in May.

A White House official said in a statement this week that many senior leaders of the bureau were “politically motivated” and said Mr. Wray was the “right choice to clean up the misconduct at the highest levels of the F.B.I.”

All this, let’s not forget, because Trump played footsie with Putin in order to steal the election and now he hopes to get away with it by bullying top people at the FBI who are investigating his theft of the election. It could hardly be any more corrupt and degrading, although I suppose he could have had a few people killed to make it even worse.

Trump this afternoon between rounds of golf:

That vulgarity is from the phone of the president of the US.

It looks as if he hopes to make sure McCabe won’t get full benefits, but the Post says he can’t:

In fact, as a career civil servant, Mr. McCabe, 49, has protections and cannot be pushed out by the president.

I hope Trump drops dead over the two scoops of ice cream tonight. Or it could be while he’s watching Fox later on, or while he’s watching Fox again in the morning…but no later than that. We need to be rid of the poison.

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