Such friendly skies

It was obvious that David Dao – the guy violently thrown off that United flight because United wanted to give his seat to one of their employees – might have a concussion. His lawyer confirms that he does have a concussion. But a concussion is not all.

David Dao, a 69-year-old Vietnamese-American doctor, was hospitalized after Chicago aviation police dragged him from the plane as the airline sought to make space on a flight from the city’s O’Hare International Airport to Louisville, Kentucky.

Demetrio said the law stated that passengers could not be ejected from planes with unreasonable force. Chicago runs the airport and the city’s department of aviation employs the three officers who dragged Dao off the plane.

Dao, who was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday night, suffered a significant concussion, a broken nose and lost two front teeth in the incident, and he will need to undergo reconstructive surgery, Demetrio said.

He lost two front teeth! They slammed him into that armrest so hard that they knocked out two of his teeth!

So I guess now we all know where we stand. We can buy a ticket and show up on time and get in our seat, all as we’re supposed to do, and then they can decide they want our paid-for seat back, and if we say no because we really do have to get where we’re going at the scheduled time, they can knock our teeth out.

Is it Utopian and extreme of me to think that’s not reasonable?

The city of Chicago, which Demetrio said had also not contacted the attorneys and family, is also potentially involved in any lawsuit because of the officers’ involvement.

Chicago’s Aviation Department said on Wednesday that two more officers had been placed on leave in connection with the incident. One officer was placed on leave on Tuesday.

I look forward to Jeff Sessions’s news conference in which he defends the “officers” and thanks them for keeping us all safe.

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