The archduke’s car is approaching Franzjosefstrasse

This is going well.

Trump has made new threats against North Korea in response to the country’s foreign minister’s fiery speech at the UN on Saturday.

Ri Yong-ho described Mr Trump as a “mentally deranged person full of megalomania” on a “suicide mission”.

The US president responded by saying Mr Ri and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un “won’t be around much longer” if they continue their rhetoric.

The fresh insults came as US bombers flew close to North Korea’s east coast.

The Pentagon said the aim was to demonstrate the military options available to the US to defeat any threat.

Trump intersperses his childish insults aimed at North Korea with childish insults aimed at football players. I supposed by this afternoon he’ll be talking about North Korea taking a knee and football players developing nuclear weapons.

See that? All of eight hours separated those tweets. Nuclear war in one breath, then a nap, then back to kvetching about protesting football players.

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