Trump mourns the white supremacist statuary

Trump has been outdoing himself this morning.

Yet another fascist rally, because we haven’t had enough fascist rallies yet. Yet another opportunity to worship the dear führer, because he can never have enough worship because he is so revoltingly narcissistic and needy.

Note the incredible chutzpah of Donald Trump calling anyone else on the planet “publicity seeking” (especially a mere few hours after promoting yet another Worship Trump Rally). Note the familiar but still repellent lying. He did say that; he said exactly that; he treated the Nazis and the people protesting the Nazis as equivalent. And finally note the familiar (again) vulgar pseudo-explanation.

Oh, sure. They “totally misrepresent” it by showing the video in which you say it, loudly and furiously.

Random. Personal. Vulgar. Trashy. Childish.

And then the threnody for the tragic lost Confederacy.

He wants a race war and is doing his best to set one off.

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