Trump says he’s draining the swamp

You’ve probably seen them already, but I can’t not post Trump’s After the Firing tweets.

Well, first there’s the characteristic vulgarity and inappropriateness – a stupid childish epithet as the first word, from the sitting president. Then there’s the ludicrous point-missing. The issue isn’t the merits of Comey. It’s why now and not last July; it’s the investigation; it’s the suddenness and randomness; it’s the investigation; it’s the conspicuously shitty way it was done; it’s the investigation.

Same thing. No, Donald, that’s not it.

Then why did you wait more than three months?

Then he retweets something about Mexico and drugs from the Drudge report. Diversion! Road trip!

Then back to the firing.

Oh christ. Can he really believe that? Is he that stupid?

Then another RT of the Drudge Report, but this time with a Comey-scandals story. Subtle!

Next up, three tweets attacking a Democratic Senator.

And last for now, the one where he tipped off CNN that he was watching CNN with the result that CNN addressed him directly with some useful advice.

This is our new reality.

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