Trump reviews Saturday Night Live again

Ah the dignity and modesty of the future president:

He really tried watching it, people. He did. He made every effort. But speaking as a totally objective impartial dispassionate observer, he found it simply unwatchable. The fact that it features a mocking caricature of him by Alec Baldwin is entirely unconnected to his reasoned opinion; nothing to do with it at all.

The flaws of SNL are threefold, according to our thoughtful future head of state:

  1. It is totally biased
  2. It is not funny
  3. Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of Donald Trump (the author of the criticism in question but that’s wholly unconnected) is so bad it can’t get any worse

On 1 – I have occasionally noticed a tendency toward bias in the critic himself (Donald Trump), a tendency that seems to go unchecked, even when it’s publicly noticed by third parties. This makes me uncertain that he is particularly skilled in attributing bias to people not himself. It makes me suspect that he attributes bias to perceived enemies in proportion to his exoneration of himself.

On 2 – I have never observed the¬†critic himself (Donald Trump) to make any impromptu remark that could be considered genuinely funny (as opposed to merely insulting, which some people confuse with “funny”).¬†This makes me uncertain that he knows what’s funny and what isn’t. Humor is notoriously subjective, of course, but it’s not infinitely subjective. I don’t think Trump is an edge case – maybe witty, maybe not. I think his view of how funny SNL is is inconclusive.

On 3 – This one is easier. He’s dead wrong. Baldwin’s impersonation is startlingly good as an impersonation (whether or not you think it’s funny). They’re physically alike enough that Baldwin’s deployment of Trump’s absurd mannerisms is hilarious. It’s understandable that Trump wouldn’t see it that way, of course, but it’s imbecilic of him not to realize that we all know that and that it renders his opinion on the subject entirely worthless.

It’s really rare to see someone in public life who is that mind-blind. You’d think it would make him easy to cheat and defraud, wouldn’t you, and yet he’s the one who cheats and defrauds others. That’s a puzzle.

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