Trump v Saturday Night Live

Our petulant imbecile of a president-elect is still whining and complaining on Twitter, along with trying to tell us all what to do. He is so confused. He seems to think the president (and even the pres-elect) can just bark out orders and have them obeyed. That’s not how this works.

God he’s stupid. He really is like a child, a very young and very spoiled child. That interpolated “which I hear is highly overrated” – that’s so transparent and so goofy. No he doesn’t hear that, except from people who are sucking up to him, which they’re doing because he’s rich and tragically powerful. How can he be dense enough to take that at face value? And dense enough to say it in public in aid of his pissy resentment? How can he not notice what a fucking fool it makes him look?

I know; he’s always looked like a fucking fool and he got elected as such. I know. But the election is over now – he shouldn’t still be performing the fucking fool routine.

Spoken like a true fascist. (Seriously. That’s what fascists say, apart from “Bedminster” and “America.”)

Again – he shows himself up. “Nothing funny at all” – because it made fun of him. Not presidential, Donnie from Queens. And the suggestion of “equal time” is ludicrous. It’s a satirical show, and it gets to choose its own subjects.

Uncomplicated disgust. He’s rejoicing in a Defense Secretary nicknamed “Mad Dog” – as if frenzied rage is what the job calls for.

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