The emboldened bigotry vibe

Eiynah wrote a terrific post at Nice Mangos a couple of months ago about the many ironic consequences of Donnie’s Brainless Ban.

Amidst all the false accusations of ‘Islamophobia’ even when people of muslim background would raise their voices to mildly critique something like misogyny or homophobia in their own communities….there were some people spouting legitimate anti muslim bigotry, right alongside them…

Unfortunately, that has boiled over.

The resistance to allow open discussion of Islam, caused a massive failure to address grievances with Islamic extremism.

This left the floor open for the right to swoop in and fear monger, campaign from an angle of xenophobia…it couldn’t be more obvious than in a time like this. Where muslims are being singled out by the fucking president of the United States…and banned.

We see it all the time – like that time Sam Harris tried to browbeat Maryam into agreeing that he never carelessly (or worse) wandered into xenophobic territory when he talked about Islam, and she simply would not comply. Suddenly a whole crew of right-leaning male bloggers and Twitter jockeys who had been fans of hers discovered that actually she’s just the worst, man.

This is a time where innocent muslims were shot while peacefully practising their faith, by a far-right, deranged Trump and Marine Le Pen supporter. People’s hijabs are being ripped off in the street, we hear of such stories more and more. The emboldened bigotry vibe seems infectious – people who were always slightly sympathetic, are more and more comfortable sharing their feelings now.

What do right wing nationalists want exactly? What does Trump want? If he really hates muslims, he’s achieving the opposite of making them a widely detested group.

Artwork by Shepard Fairey

Precisely. Thanks to Trump, we now have that image of a woman in hijab as a lefty hero, as if veiling women were the ultimate in progressive thought.

I prefer Eiynah’s version:


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