The experts

That time they threw a feminist conference and forgot just one little thing.

When a pink flyer promoting a feminism conference at Mexico’s biggest university was posted on social media this week, it did not take long before people noticed something was amiss.

The lineup featured two panels with 11 participants – and all of them were male.

Well…men know more about it, and they’re better at speaking, and they have more free time…it all makes sense.

The pink flyer though – that’s just stupid. We like other colors and pink doesn’t=women.

Organised by the humanities department at the National Autonomous University of Mexico(Unam), the 11 October conference appears to be intended as a homage to the feminist scholar Marta Lamas, who will host the event and debate the 11 men. The university did not immediately respond to queries about the event.

Sure. Definitely. An homage. For an homage you want to invite the best quality people, and that’s obviously not women.

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