The hammers see nothing but nails

Trump gave an awesome speech on Afghanistan yesterday, in which he laid out his bold new plan: he intends to win. He said that in a very firm emphatic voice, so we know it will happen.

The Times reports that what he actually wanted was to get the hell out, but that didn’t work out because he’d hired all those military guys to run his administration. Oops! Big laughs all around.

Trump went so far as to embrace Mr. Obama in his decision to pull out American troops.

“I agree with Pres. Obama on Afghanistan,” Mr. Trump wrote on Jan. 14, 2013. “We should have a speedy withdrawal. Why should we keep wasting our money — rebuild the U.S.!”

But once in the White House, Mr. Trump populated his cabinet with people who had a long history in Afghanistan. His defense secretary, Jim Mattis, is a retired Marine Corps general who lost troops in fierce combat there early in the war. His national security adviser, Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster, ran an anti-corruption task force that worked with the Afghan government.

Oh darn, he didn’t think of that.

On Monday, a few hours before Mr. Trump was to speak, Breitbart published an interview with Mr. Prince, in which he criticized the president for not being more receptive to his proposal for mercenaries. “The presidency by its nature lives in a bubble,” Mr. Prince said. “When you fill it with former general officers, you’re going to get that stream of advice.”

Never mind. He said the goal now is to win, and that changes everything.

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