The names of the children

The publishes, via Catherine Corless, the names of the 796 children who died at the Tuam “Mother and Baby Home” i.e. prison for unmarried mothers and their babies.

Very few pictures from the home exist but thanks to the tireless work of historian Catherine Corless, we do have the names of 796 children who died there between 1925 and 1960.

The infant mortality rate at the home was double that of even other mother and baby homes around the country at the time. Young children in the Tuam home succumbed to deaths from afflictions as heartbreakingly banal as the flu and, although only in a small number of cases, ear infections.

Flu is far from always “banal,” but that’s a detail.

The most common causes of death were “debility from birth” (25%), 15% from “respiratory diseases”, 10% each from influenza and the measles, 8% born too premature to survive, 6% from whooping cough and in smaller numbers of epilepsy/convulsions, gastroenteritis, meningitis, congenital heart disease and congenital syphilis, skin diseases, chicken pox and one per cent – 10 children – of malnutrition.

As of yet, we do not know how many of these children are among the remains found but Corless supplied the names of all of the children, and their age when they died, to

In lieu of an inscription of each child’s name on a physical memorial, we publish them all here today.

Here’s one year:


  • Mary Kate Cahill 2 weeks
  • Mary Margaret Lydon 3 months
  • Festus Sullivan 1 month
  • Annie Curley 3 weeks
  • Nuala Lydon 5 months
  • Bridget Collins 5 weeks
  • Patrick Joseph Coleman 1 month
  • Joseph Hannon 6 weeks
  • Henry Monaghan 3 weeks
  • Michael Joseph Shiels 7 weeks
  • Martin Sheridan 5 weeks
  • John Patrick Loftus 10 months
  • Patrick Joseph Murphy 3 months
  • Catherine McHugh 4 months
  • Mary Patricia Toher 4 months
  • Mary Kate Sheridan 4 months
  • Mary Flaherty 19 months
  • Mary Anne Walsh 14 months
  • Eileen Quinn 2 years
  • Patrick Burke 9 months
  • Margaret Holland 2 days
  • Joseph Langan 6 months
  • Sabina Pauline O’Grady 6 months
  • Patrick Qualter 3 years
  • Mary King 5 months
  • Eileen Conry 1 year

The page goes on forever.

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