The vocabulary is progressive, the content is reactionary

More on Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s canceled trip to Australia.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali has hit back at a group of Australian Muslim women who accused her of being a “star” of Islamophobia and stirring up hatred.

The women took to Facebook on Monday when Hirsi Ali was due to arrive in Australia for a speaking tour that she cancelled at the last minute, citing concerns about security and the organisation of her trip.

In their video the six woman said Hirsi Ali – who was raised a Muslim but renounced her religion as an adult and became a fierce critic of radical Islamists and sharia law – was a “star of the global Islamophobia industry” and did not speak for them.

The article doesn’t provide a link to the video. It’s a public post on Facebook. It’s garbage.

They criticised her for past descriptions of Muslim women as docile and irrational, accused her of using the language of white supremacists and profiting from “an industry that exists to dehumanise Muslim women”.

That’s garbage. Hirsi Ali has moved (or been driven) far to the right in many ways, but her campaign has always been against the dehumanization of Muslim women. The women’s criticisms are dressed up in the vocabulary of the left but the substance is far-right theocratic patriarchal garbage.

“I just want to point my finger at all the places in the world today where Islamic law is applied and how women are treated and I want to say to these women, ‘Shame on you’,” Hirsi Ali said on Tuesday.

“Shame on you for carrying water for the Islamists, shame on you for trying to shut people up who are trying to raise awareness about sharia law.”

I agree with her.

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