They laughed when he sat down to the piano


No. Just being hated and despised by all and sundry does not make you a Churchill or Beethoven or Michelangelo or anyone else who was looked at askance for a time and then recognized as OMIGOD A GENIUS.

It’s entirely possible to be seen as a worthless fool by everyone who has an opinion on the subject and actually be a worthless fool. It’s not only possible, it’s dead easy. Most people who are universally considered worthless fools are worthless fools. That’s how that works. The exceptions are the exceptions.

Also, Trump a Churchill? Please. Churchill was a jackass in many ways, yes, and a Tory, and an ardent imperialist, and a strikebreaker; Churchill had some commonalities with Trump politically, but in terms of talents? Don’t make me laugh. The fact that they are both “blunt” does not mean they are both blunt in the same way, with the same level of crudity, with equivalent vocabularies.

Also, Mike Huckabee: your daughter tells lies for Trump.

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