They’re all gonna laugh at you

The Guardian collects some Trump covers:

André Carrilho for The New Republic“The New Republic asked me to draw Trump in a straitjacket; my contribution was the way in which it’s graphically presented, with Trump on his knees and breathing heavily, flustered. When the satire writes itself, it’s not hard to understand why it becomes a more valuable tool to fight abuse. It was the same with Mussolini and Berlusconi, each a more ridiculous persona than the other. In this environment, images that are quickly understood and convey an opinion that can be easily appropriated and shared are a valuable commodity.”

Howard McWilliam for The Week“In Trump’s case, he’s invariably already pulled just the kind of cartoonish expression one is looking for and had it captured on camera. This is certainly the case for the kind of bellicose anger I needed for this cover, after he described the mainstream media as “the enemy of the American people.” My style of three dimensional realism is particularly useful for images like this, giving us someone else’s view, putting the reader in the position of the journalist in this case. It’s very easy to imagine Trump lashing out and destroying a typewriter.”

André Carrilho for New Statesman“I like the one where Trump is licking a popsicle made of the planet. I don’t have any tools specifically to handle him; I just try to make a portrait that looks like him, in a situation that comments on his character. I must say his hair is always challenging because it has a weird twist, shape and color, and is very unique. In my drawings his hair sometimes takes on characteristics of his personality, changing from Donald Duck’s beak to fire or a Nazi salute, depending on what I’m commenting on, whether it’s his cartoonish buffoonery or extremist tendencies.”

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