Years of misogynist Reddit posts

Interesting. A New Hampshire legislator has resigned after being outed as one of those misogynist men who spend their free time talking shit about women on Reddit.

The beginning of the end for Rep. Robert Fisher, a New Hampshire state lawmaker, took root just three weeks ago, when an investigation by the Daily Beast chronicled in painstaking detail years of anonymous, “misogynistic” and “woman-hating” Reddit posts from the user pk_atheist.

It focused on the Red Pill, a popular online forum that describes itself a place to discuss men’s rights and male sexual strategy, where founder pk_atheist commented breathlessly. His words disparaged feminism, insulted women’s “sub-par intelligence” and called their personalities “lackluster and boring, serving little purpose in day to day life.” He revealed a fear of being falsely accused of rape so extreme that he recommended men should install video cameras in their bedrooms. He admitted he already had.

A familiar type.

While he continues to deny some of the accusations, Fisher ultimately admitted that he was behind the user name pk_atheist.

On Wednesday, after weeks of changing his story and defending his crusade for men’s rights, Fisher resigned from the legislature.

“Unfortunately, the falsehoods, lies and comments of an overzealous blogger and some of my colleagues have created a situation where I must genuinely consider the safety and well-being of my girlfriend, my family, and myself,” he wrote in an email to the Associated Press.

Fisher’s resignation came less than an hour after a Republican-led committee in the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted 8-6 along party lines to recommend no disciplinary action because the comments attributed to him, while “reprehensible,” were still constitutionally protected free speech.

“Shame! Shame! Shame!” chanted women in the audience.

Yes but women are inferior, so it doesn’t matter what they chant.

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