Yes, Richard, they should

Speaking of grumpy dudes tweeting their quarrels with lefty ideas…

That’s no good, because it misstates the whole issue. The group isn’t merely PAST-wronged i.e. wronged by something that happened far in the past and is long over. The group has been held back and slowed down by ongoing wrongs many of which continue to this day. The group has been systematically prevented from accruing wealth for generations by deliberate government actions. The wrongs have not ended, and the damage they’ve done continues.

The rest of us have profited from the wrongs whether we wanted to or not, and whether we were aware of it or not. We’re richer because they’re poorer.

So yes, members of the group have every right to ask to be paid what was deliberately kept from them. It’s nothing to do with a “Vendetta” and that’s an ugly and uninformed thing to say.

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