At all costs

The Post has more on the RNC plan to save Trump by vilifying the Republican former FBI director.

With the Mueller probe escalating — including the FBI raid this week of Trump’s personal lawyer’s home and office in Manhattan — Comey’s media appearances could pose a major public relations challenge for the White House.

“I’ve been around politics a long time, and I know fear when I see it,” said Jim Manley, a lobbyist and former senior aide to former Senate minority leader Harry M. Reid. “This White House reeks of fear. … This shows me that they are prepared to use a scorched-earth strategy to undermine the FBI’s credibility. The party of law and order has become the party of trying to protect Trump at all costs.”

That’s the part that’s so astonishing – Republicans pissing all over a Republican prosecutor turned Deputy Attorney General in the Bush 2 admin turned FBI director. You can’t get much better Republican cred than that! Yet they’re willing to go on the record calling him Lyin’ Comey in a desperate attempt to defend the lying cheating thieving corrupt bullying pussygrabbing fraud that is Donald Trump. It’s like turning away from a meal prepared by a four star French chef to jump into a cesspit to pluck out and eat a Big Mac.

Except it’s not even like that because this will be on their record forever. They’re placing all their bets on corrupt incompetent bullying monstrosity. It seems a tad shortsighted.

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