Baby Donnie’s parade

Trump’s stupid childish greedy “military parade” is planned for November. Newsweek points out that it will cost many dollars.

President Donald Trump’s military parade is set to kick off on Veterans Day, but at a cost that even conservative estimates show could feed every homeless veteran for at least two weeks, a Newsweek analysis found.

Using the most conservative estimates available from federal agencies and non-profit organizations, Newsweek found Trump could completely eliminate hunger among homeless veterans, serving them three meals a day, for at least 14 days.

But Trump wants a show. Providing meals to homeless veterans across the country isn’t a show.

In February, Trump told Fox News he wouldn’t hold the parade if the cost was exorbitant.

“We’ll see if we can do it at a reasonable cost, and if we can’t, we won’t do it, but the generals would love to do it, I can tell you, and so would I,” he said.

No, they wouldn’t. That’s just one of those things he made up in his moth-eaten head.

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