Peak intersectionalityism

Let’s just stop talking about women, mkay? Can we do that now finally at last? It’s so excluding.

Yeah and organizing around anti-racism excludes white people. Organizing to protect immigrants’ rights excludes people who were here all along. Anti-poverty campaigns exclude rich people. Organizing workers excludes bosses. Won’t somebody please think of the bosses?

I look around a room full of women and I wonder why they’re not focusing on me.

I look around and wonder why they’re not looking at me.

I listen to Oprah and I wonder why she’s not talking about me.

So for fuck’s sake let’s finally stop talking about women, OKAY?

That’s a step on the way to talking about me instead of those stupid boring women.

By the way it’s not Jacob Tobia’s solution. Jacob Tobia is late on the scene. Sincere Kirabo treated it as established way back in October 2016:

Huh. It turns out that Women in Secularism isn’t about women. It’s about “women and femmes.” I have no real idea what that’s supposed to mean, since it obviously doesn’t mean femme lesbians, because they are of course women so there’d be no need for an “and.”

At least, it’s about that according to Sincere Kirabo, who attended the one last weekend. It’s not about that according to CFI, which holds the conference, but hey what do they know.

This past weekend, my colleague Jessica Xiao and I had the honor of attending the Center For Inquiry’s Women In Secularism 4(WIS).

The honor? Attending isn’t an honor. That sounds like having the honor to ride the bus or see a movie. Buying a ticket to something doesn’t confer honor.

Anyway – on to the femmes.

This conference brought together a diverse lineup of speakers—including American Humanist Association President Rebecca Hale—to address both the progress and challenges uniquely related to the lives of women and femmes.

I didn’t understand then and I still don’t understand why Sincere Kirabo thought it was up to him to claim that Women in Secularism was really Women and Femmes in Secularism, but anyway, he was there well before Jacob Tobias’s “elegant” solution.

We’ll take women’s movement away from them while pretending we’re doing it to be more “inclusive.” It’s only women who are stupid enough and accommodating enough and kind enough to let this be done to them…which is why they need to organize, but we’re taking that away from them, so, score!

Next year we’ll drop the “WOMEN” part.

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