Back into history and out again 15 words later

Say what now?

“womxn”? What the fuck is that? I know what Latinx is but what the sam hill is “womxn” and what do they mean typeset women back into history when they immediately grab them back out again? With an X?

Urban dictionary:



A spelling of “women” that is a more inclusive, progressive term that not only sheds light on the prejudice, discrimination, and institutional barriers womxn have faced, but to also show that womxn are not the extension of men (as hinted by the classic Bible story of Adam and Eve) but their own free and separate entities. More intersectional than womyn because it includes trans-women and women of color.

Womxn’s voice’s have been excluded from mainstream dialogues for generations.
by juniperberry April 03, 2016


Since when does “women” exclude women of color? Since never, that’s when. Women of color are women. The word “women” has never excluded them; throwing out the word would be fixing something that’s not broken. As for trans women – there’s “trans women.” How are they more included if the word “women” is misspelled? And why does the word “women” need to be thrown out while the word “men” carries right on, there for Brett Kavanaugh just as it is for Wokey McWokerson Esquire? For the same reason all the “trans-inclusive” duty is dumped on women – because women are seen as and treated as a dumping ground.

(Look it up if you don’t believe me. Google “mxn” – you don’t get the urban dictionary saying it’s the Inclusive for “men.”)

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