Beer and french fries shortage

What’s one of the bad effects of global warming? Crop failures. Who is having crop failures right now?

Germany for one.

In Germany, record temperatures and no rainfall since early April have led to a drought and thousands of farms are facing bankruptcy because of crop failure.

This week, the government pledged $390 million in federal and state aid, but for many farmers, it’s not enough. Many of the country’s farmers are starting to question whether they can cope with climate change.

According to the German Farmers Association, 10,000 farms are facing financial ruin, dairy farmers are slaughtering cows because there’s not enough feed for them and while the national average grain shortfall this year is 26 percent, in some areas arable farmers have lost up to 70 percent of their grain crops, officials announced during a recent press conference.

Crop failures end up as famines. The world doesn’t have a plan for this.

Germany’s Agriculture Minister, Julia Klöckner has promised farmers up to 340 million euros in financial aid. It’s a far cry from the billion euros demanded by the farmers’ lobby, but the minister says she has to justify it to tax payers, who could end up paying extra for food.

In an attempt to calm consumers, Klöckner told reporters last week “there’s no need for panic. Supermarket shelves are still full.”

Just so a firefighter might attempt to calm residents by telling them the fire hasn’t reached their house yet, it’s still six whole inches away.

NPR basically does the same thing by ending on a facetious note.

It’s not only French fries that are set to go up in price. Breweries are worried about a poor barley yield and have warned that the shortfall will be reflected in the price of that other German staple, beer.

Haha yes prospective famines are hilarious.

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