Cash only

Meanwhile…government watchdogs spend government money to monitor Trump’s conflicts of interest…and the money they spend goes into Trump’s pocket. The government is paying Trump to let the government monitor his corrupt use of his office for self-enrichment. Nice racket.

An employee for the federal agency supervising the lease for the Trump hotel in Washington spent more than $900 for a stay there last year, according to a document reviewed by CNN — the first publicly known movement of federal taxpayer dollars into the highly scrutinized business.

The federal employee worked for the General Services Administration, the agency which supervises the lease of the Old Post Office building to the Trump Organization.
The GSA reimbursed the employee for a majority of the charges, which was in line with the agency’s policy on per diem expenses, according to a person familiar with the document. That means taxpayer dollars made their way into the hotel’s coffers.

And Trump owns the hotel so the coffers are belong to him.

Government watchdogs and the President’s opponents argue the payments to Trump’s business from governments — domestic or foreign –violate anti-corruption and self-dealing clauses in the Constitution. It says the President “shall not receive… any other Emolument from the United States” other than a salary.

But that was meant for all those peasants who came before him, not gold-plated Donald Trump.

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